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Launch of Library of Creative Poses and Transitions

Launch of Library of Creative Poses and Transitions

We are happy to announce that the Library of Poses and Transitions is going live!

We created this platform for you to get feedback from the community and other teachers; for you to connect with each other and your students; and for you to grow as Inside Flow practitioners and teacher. And lastly, also to get inspiration for your flows.

So this collection of Inside Flow poses and transitions is another way of us supporting you as Inside Flow Lovers and Teachers.

Of inspiring you to grow further.

By spreading knowledge. By expressing and sharing creative and fun ideas. By exchanging a variety of Inside Flow experiences.

We want you to grow as an individual and as a community, always lifting each other up and having your best interest at heart.

So Inside Flow Teachers from around the globe have been sending us some of their asanas and transitions ideas that they have come up with and that they have included in some of their Inside Flows.

Now you have the chance to browse through that collection and take a closer look at what the pose or transition is supposed to look like. Furthermore, you can read about the most important alignment aspects of any specific asana or transition to advance your own practice and to integrate them into your own flows. You can find the collection under the Media tab of this website.

Do you have any questions regarding a pose? Post your question on the Dashboard for the community to help you out. Tag the teacher who created the asana or transition to answer you.

Do you have a pose or transition that you came up with and would like us to add it to the collection? Write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are so proud of this Inside Flow community. It is full of creativity, passion and positive energy. We love seeing you spread your joy and passion for this yoga style wherever you flow. Remember: Inside Flow is always about the heart. So let everyone around you continue to see this – and help them become part of this beautifully compassionate community.

Thank you all for making this possible,

Young Ho Kim and the Inside Flow Team

Launch of Insideflow.com

Launch of Insideflow.com

We are happy to launch the new home for all Inside Flow teachers and lovers.

Four years ago, we decided to build an all-in-one platform for the Inside Flow community. It was quite a challenge. What does the community need? What features will be valuable? How can we deal with the technical challenges that such a community platform brings along?

Today, we are proud to present you the brand new insideflow.com - a platform where teachers can connect with other teachers and students globally, post their events and videos, and share their knowledge and ideas with others. The platform is completely free for students/enthusiasts (we call them "Inside Flow Lovers") and there is a yearly license fee for teachers of 108€.

With the license, teachers can use the brand and name of Inside Flow for their workshops and classes and offer Training Credits (TRC) for their students. With every event/workshop/masterclass that a teacher hosted, she/he will collect Teaching Credits (TEC). And with every event/workshop/masterclass that a student visits, she/he will collect Training Credits (TRC).

With your official Inside Flow teacher account, you get access to all the features you need to build your community: Post events, videos, and music; get feedback from other teachers; connect with your students and grow as a teacher. And very important, get inspiration for your flows by reviewing the flows from the Senior and Pro Teachers. You'll have access to a library of flows that you are officially allowed to teach with an active teacher account. More information about Credits and Levels can be found on https://insideflow.com/the-system/levels-benefits

If you have any questions or problems, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are only one message away :)

And now, sign up, connect, get certified, find events/classes, and show the world what YOUR Inside Flow has to offer with your brand new Inside Flow account.

Thank you all for making this possible,

Young Ho Kim

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