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23rd Jan, 2021 08:00


7th Feb, 2021 13:00

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In this Basic Level Course , we will learn the basic principle of Vinyasa Yoga with INSIDE Style concept and movements to understand first how to connect the mind, body and breath through the guidance of the music. 

Students will learn step by step from the easiest transitional movements starting from the connection between two movements, continue to learn the pattern of movements and finally learn the movements in blocks to connect with breath and music. 

Focus of the study in this 30 hours basic online training spreading in 3 weekends @5 hours a day starting from 8 AM until 13 PM with very intensive learning ; 

1. Inside Yoga Alignment 

2. Yoga Anatomy upgrades, principal of 6 energy loops in the spine 

3. Understanding the Vinyasa Flow with INSIDE YOGA STYLE 

4. Learn six Inside Flow official flows


Registration through web: www.martasyayoga.com 

Whatsapp : + 62-817-0711-717 

Investment : IDR 3,750,000

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Bogor Baru Blok B6 NO. 5
Jalan Cisangkuy
Jawa Barat (Djawa Barat)
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